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This Summer – Protecting What Is Yours..!!!

Press Release

 For Immediate Release


Contact:          Detective Sergeant Arthur Brillon                  Telephone: 774-203-1881

Date:               May 27, 2014



With the arrival of warmer weather, the Attleboro Police Department is looking for ways to help residents protect their pets and their property.  The department’s Crime Analyst has recognized an increase over recent years in certain crimes.  These crimes increase during warmer summer months when residents spend more time out of doors.

Some of these crimes include bicycle theft, motorcycle theft, theft of lawn and garden equipment and tools as well as shed break-ins.  Also, items such as canoes, kayaks and other outdoor equipment are popular targets of thieves.

Residents can better protect themselves from bicycle theft by using bicycle locks, by securing bicycles in garages or sheds at night or when not in use.  Whenever possible, keep bicycles out of sight from the street.  Secure boat trailers or other outdoor sports equipment with locks to lessen the chance of theft and keep them out of sight of would-be thieves.

Residents are reminded to keep yard and lawn equipment out of sight and to secure the tools within a garage or shed that is properly locked.  Would-be thieves will look elsewhere if the resident makes the theft too difficult to accomplish.

Residents and visitors to the city are reminded to lock car doors when leaving their vehicle no matter how long they will be gone.  They should also keep personal items out of plain sight.  An open window is an invitation to take whatever is on the seat or in view.


The police department also has seen an increase in calls for service during the summer months to check on the wellbeing of pets left inside cars by the owner.  In June (2013) alone, the Attleboro Police Department responded to at 30 calls for service to check the wellbeing of a dog or other pet that was left inside a car.  Residents and visitors are reminded that leaving a dog or other pet in a locked vehicle during warm months is dangerous and unhealthy for the pet.

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