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Paving Scams

Press Release

 For Immediate Release


Contact:          Detective Sergeant Arthur Brillon                  Telephone: 774-203-1881

Date:               May 7, 2014

With the arrival of pleasant weather, the Attleboro Police Department reminds residents to be cautious of paving contractors or other general contractors soliciting work in a door to door fashion.  One common scam is when a contractor reports that he/she has extra asphalt from a job nearby and is willing to pave the driveway at a discounted price.

Sometimes, a high pressure approach is used which confuses and or intimidates the homeowner.  This is not a reputable business practice.

Another scam used is when men and equipment appear at a home and begin repaving or coating the driveway.  At some point, the conman claims a mistake was made and money is owed in order to complete the now partially complete job.  The homeowner is threatened that if he/she does not pay, the “work” will cease and the homeowner is left with an incomplete job.

In some cases, the homeowner is escorted to the bank to withdraw money or cash a check.  The contractor quickly cashes the check to avoid stopping payment if the homeowner becomes suspicious.

Paving scams like this occur regularly in and around Massachusetts and have been reported in Attleboro.  The perpetrators target senior citizens and many of them are well known to police already.

Residents can avoid victimization and should consider the following suggestions:

  • Beware of unsolicited offers to do paving work.
  • Do not let the solicitors inside your home.
  • If unwelcome, calmly but firmly tell the solicitors you are not interested and tell them to leave your property.  If they refuse your instructions call the police.
  • Educate yourself and your family.
  • Search the internet for contractor names commonly associated with “paving scams.”
  • Call the police if a contractor begins “working” without your consent for service.
  • Be a good neighbor and watch out for them.
  • Ask to see proof of the solicitors’ insurance. Conmen rarely have worker’s compensation insurance and if one of them is injured at your home, the claim could be made against your homeowner’s insurance.
  • Remember that paving scams target senior citizens.
  • Call the police department if you have questions, or if unfamiliar people or unsolicited  companies appear at your door or in your neighborhood.

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