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Crimes against Businesses (Awareness & Prevention)

Press Release

 For Immediate Release

Contact:          Sergeant Arthur Brillon  –   Telephone:  774-203-1881
Date:                Tuesday October 15, 2013
Title:                 Crimes against Businesses (Awareness & Prevention)

Attleboro Police Chief Kyle Heagney announced today the implementation of a program designed to help business owners and employees better protect themselves from being victimized due to violent crimes such as robberies or attempted robberies.

The program is the result of a recent series of robberies in communities within close proximity to Attleboro and is a proactive approach by the department in helping business owners or employees better protect themselves.

The program was proposed and designed by Sergeant Timothy Cook who was assisted by Lisa Schultz (the Attleboro Police Department Crime Analyst).   The program assists business owners and employees by offering advice, tips and answers to questions they have.

With the implementation of the program, Sergeant Cook said that he hopes that the success of the program will lead to similar programs within the city which other crime(s) and quality of life issues.

The program entitled Violent Crimes against Businesses (Awareness & Prevention) helps business owners or their employees identify ways they can further protect themselves from crimes such as robbery or theft.  The program provides useful tips such as the use of surveillance systems, proper lighting, how to respond during a crime, etc…

The program includes a visit to businesses by officers from the Patrol and Problem Oriented Policing (P.O.P.) Division who will supply pamphlets containing useful information and tips.  The officers can also answer many questions or assist the business owner or employee in finding the answer(s).

The program is similar to programs within other communities who experienced success and is part of the department’s Problem Oriented Policing (P.O.P.) Program.  The P.O.P. Program has experienced success in other areas of crime within Attleboro since implementation.

Business owners or their employees can contact Sergeant Cook by calling 508-222-1212 or by email at tcookjr@attleboropolice.org.  Helpful tips or answers can also be obtained by visiting the Attleboro Police Department website at attleboropolice.org.

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