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Council allows waivers for Attleboro shops


ATTLEBORO – An amendment to city law that will “let businesses make money and prevent thieves from stealing it,” was approved by the city council Tuesday.

The law allows jewelry makers to get a waiver from rules that require a 14-day waiting period before they can alter precious metals and jewels given over to them for reworking into new pieces.

The 14-day waiting period in the city’s pawn shop law was intended to make it harder for crooks to dump stolen valuables. The two weeks gave cops and victims time to check the stores and catch up to them.

But the law unintentionally was applied to small manufacturers as well, which delayed their work and encouraged customers to seek other shops outside the city.

Under the new law approved Tuesday on an 11-0 vote, jewelry shops such as Attleboro Jewelry Makers will be able to apply for waiver from the 14-day wait.

If the jewelry is turned over to them for remanufacture, the shop won’t have to wait at all to start work. However, if someone sells them something, that piece can’t be altered or resold for 14 days.

Councilor Richard Conti originally initiated the effort to make a change in the law by changing the 14 days to eight days, but he likes the latest version. “It’s a better idea,” he said.

Meanwhile, Councilor Jay DiLisio summed up the change.

“This makes it easier for businesses to make money and harder for thieves to steal yours,” he said.

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