12 Union St. Attleboro, MA 02703-2911 - Non-Emergency Phone 508-222-1212 - www.attleboropolice.org

Auxiliary Police Unit

A Message from the Commander

The Attleboro Auxiliary Police is committed to maintaining order and continues to help enhance the quality of life by building partnerships, developing mutual trust and protecting the rights of individuals in our community. Our members strive to deliver service in a professional manner, while maintaining commitment to fairness and respect, while saving lives, preventing crimes and enforcing laws.

Please check back again soon for further information about our unit and a link to our webpage presently under construction.

Thank you.

Paul Brillon РAux. Commander 


Auxiliary Police Unit – 2013 Fall Academy to Start

The Attleboro Police Department has scheduled the start of the 2013 Fall Academy Class for September and the deadline for this academy is now closed. The new class recruits will attend and must complete a 10 month training program, must be available on weekends, must attend monthly meetings and in-service training classes. The Attleboro Auxiliary Police Unit assists with traffic control at community events, parades and also perform security patrols of municipal properties and may be called upon to assist during emergencies.

If you are interested in the 2014 Fall Academy Class, please check this website in the summer of 2014 for further information.